Tips for trips in Železná Ruda and its vicinity

Popular destinations

Čertovo jezero (Teufels-See)

Trip to Čertovo jezero (Devil’s lake)

A very popular and highly recommended tourist destination is the fabulous glacial lake. It is located on the southeast side of 'Jezerní hora'. The lake is situated 1,030 metres above sea level, its expanse is 10.3 hectars and its depth is 36 metres. It belongs to the drainage basin of the river Dunaj and is the only glacial lake in the Šumava mountain region.

Lake Laka, also known as "Mlaka" or "Pleso"

Laka lake

Laka is the most highly situated lake in the Šumava region, lying 1,096 metres above sea level. It is 3.9 metres deep and the water capacity is approximately 40,000 cubic metres. It is placed below Plesná mountain and is located in a wide, shallow and exposed north-eastern gneissic corrie that has a rectangular shape. The lake´s basin is slowly becoming grown over. Two little brooks come in and again, the water leaves the lake via Jezerní stream to Křemelná. There are peaty islands floating on its surface. A tourist route leads to the lake and if you choose Laka as your destination, you will certainly appreciate the tranquility and solitude of this forest area.

Černé jezero (Schwarzer See)

Černé jezero (Black lake)

Another highly sought-out destination for tourist trips is the largest corrie glaciar lake in Šumava and, in addition, the largest lake in the Czech Republic. The lake lies below the northern hillside of Jezerní hora (Lake Mountain), which raises over it in 320 metres tall Jezerní stěna (Lake Wall). The black colour of the lake is caused by the reflection of the dark forests surrounding it.

Tourism and cycling tours

Walking tourism

Trip from Železná Ruda to Ostrý

The inland of the natural landmark known as 'Královský hvozd' (the King´s deep forest) is dominated by the top of Velký Ostrý, situated 1,293 metres above sea level. Upon the rocky top, there is a cross and at a distance a tourist chalet established in 1897. Thanks to the boarder crossing, visitors may descent to the peak of Malý Ostrý, which together with its main peak composes a skyline that is known as Prsa Matky Boží (the Breasts of the Holy Mother). Several tourist routes lead to its peak.


The first route leads from'Špičácké Sedlo' (along the yellow tourist route marking) around 'Černé jezero' (The Black Lake), further along the red marking leads towards the 'Bílá strž' waterfall and to the signpost known as'Na Statečku'. Upon turning left and following the blue route, this will lead tothe peak of 'Velký Ostrý' itself.


Another option is the route from 'Hojsova Stráž'. From the village centre, reachable by bus, walk down the blue tourist route towards the train station. Then continue down to the'Úhlava' valley and the 'Hamry colony'. Here, the route turns steeply upwards and leads all the way to a signpost called 'Na Statečku' and further to 'Ostrý'. This route is shorter than the route around 'Černé jezero' (The Black Lake), but it is also more physically demanding.


Another option is to ascend 'Ostrý' from the German side. There are many possible routes, but one of the eastiest routes is the following that is recommended by many other tourists:


Drive across the boarder crossing 'Eistein' - behind the German boarder turn upwards and continue via Lohberg and Lam in the direction of Lambach. In Lam, turn right at the main square junction. Approximately 1 km before Lambach, there is a right turn-off into the forest. You can follow the forest road rather far up below 'Ostrý'. There is a parking place from which a tourist route leads towards 'Velký Ostrý'. You can return to the parking place via 'Malý Ostrý'.

Cycling trips

Cycling tours around Železná Ruda

Circle from Špičák, via Černé jezero, Hamry and back (26 km)

Cycling in untouched nature - 'Radlerparadies' - forest routes and well-maintaned routes with no traffic make this areaa cyclists´ paradise and a great place for relaxing cycling trips.

  1. Špičák - saddle(0 km)
  2. Černé jezero (+ 4 km/4 km)
  3. waterfall Bílá strž (+ 3 km/7 km)
  4. Stateček (+ 2 km/9 km)
  5. Hamry (+ 4 km / 13 km)
  6. Tourist chalet Hamry (+ 1 km/14 km)
  7. Špičák - saddle(+ 12 km/26 km)

Note: it is possible to reach 'Hojsova Stráž' train station from the Hamry chalet (1 kilometre distance) and return to 'Špičák' by train.

From 'Železná Ruda' to 'Schwellhausl' (holiday inn – public house)

Follow the green tourist route from 'Železná ruda' along the cemetery towards Debrník, then 'Ferdinandovo údolí' (Ferdinand valley) to the border crossing for tourists (in total 2.7 km). Cross the border here and continue forthe next 2 km until reaching a signpost. From here on it is only 2 km along the floating channel.

Trip circle from 'Železná Ruda', via 'Nový Brunst' to spring area 'Řezná' and return (18km)

  1. Železná Ruda (0 km)
  2. Debrník (+1,5 km/1,5 km)
  3. směr Polom (+ 2 km/3,5 km)
  4. Sklářský vrch (+ 3,5 km/7 km)
  5. Gerlova Huť (+ 3 km/10 km)
  6. Nový Brunst (+ 1,5 km/11,5 km)
  7. Stará Hájovna (+ 1 km/12,5 km)
  8. Prameniště Řezné (+ 1,5 km/14 km)
  9. Hofmanky (+ 1,5 km/15,5 km)
  10. Železná Ruda (+ 2,5 km/18 km)

Neuschonau / Route between the tree tops / National Park in a Bavarian forest

1,300 m long route between the tree tops - the longest route of its kind in the world

The route reaches heights of between 8 - 25 metres above the ground, to walk through the undisturbed nature and to enjoya unique view from an unusual perspective in this Bavarian forest. More info on the following website:


Velký Javor (Great Javor)

Enjoy one-day trips with us


  • A TRIP AROUND JAVOR departing at 8.30 a. m. , price 280 CZK
  • A TRIP TO ROKLAN departing at 8.30 a. m. , price 330 CZK


  • MUNICH, departing at 7 a. m. , price 660 CZK
  • ŠUMAVA CIRCLE, departing at 9 a. m. , price 320 CZK
  • AUSTRIA - WOLFGANGSEE, departing at 6.30, price 730 CZK


  • BERCHTESGADEN'S ALPS departing at 6 a. m. , price 720 CZK
  • ALPS GA-PA departing at 6 a. m. , price 830 CZK


  • PASOV departing at 8 a. m. , price 330 CZK
  • TŘÍSTOLIČNÍK - TROJMEZÍ - PLECHÝ departing at 7 a. m. , price 440 CZK
  • TRIP FROM PASOV BY BOAT ALONG BLUE DUNAJ departing at 7 a. m. , price 1620 CZK
  • Trips will commence when there is a minimum of 8 people.
  • Transportation by 8, 16, 22 or 51 seat air-conditioned buses.
  • We have been organizing tourist trips and excursions since 1991
  • We manage transport by micro-bus and bus.

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The Zoo in Ludwigsthal

The Zoo in Ludwigsthal

The main entrance is at the customer´s parking place situated on 'B11' road, not far from the visitor´s centre 'Haus zur Wildnis' (The Wildhouse). There is no entry fee to the area of animal´s walk and, if you come by car, you only have to pay the parking fee. You can easily get by train or by bus to the parking place and to the animal´s walks (by Falkenstein bus in region of the National Park), or by car or bicycle (and from nearby villages by foot)


The area of animal´s walks is accessible the whole year long, in winter, the routes are maintained. The routes are well signed and suitable also for disabled on wheelchair-bound - or for prams.

How to get there

Follow the road 'nr.27/E53' from Pilsen via' Klatovy' to 'Železná Ruda', behind the border crossing continue in the direction of'Zwiesel', before 'Ludwigsthal', there is a parking place for visitors on the left side near the information centre Haus zur Wildnis and the animal´s walks.

To take a trip to the area of Roklan and Luzné, follow the B11 road to Zwiesel, turn left here, exiting in the direction of Zwiesel-Mitte and then continue in the direction of Frauenau, Spiegelau. When having driven though Spiegelau, turn in the direction of Mauth at a roundabout and you will arrive at the information centre Hans-Eisenmann - Haus at Neuschonau.

Educational tourist route Pod Hamižnou horou at Hartmanice

The blue tourist route will take you to the 1.5 km long educational route from Hartmanice.

The area is introduced through 13 information panels from historical and geological points of view.

On the way to the lowest point of the route you can see grown over holes, left over from the time of gold mining.

Čeněk´s sawmill and Bedřich Smetana

A prominent czech composer gained here an inspiration for opening motiv to a symphonic poem Vltava, part of the 'Má vlast' cycle. In memorial to that summer of 1867, every visitor planted a little spruce tree at the river side and the group of these are called the 'Smetana´s spruce trees'.

New flats in Pilsen

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